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      Tom Eckhardt

      At our get together last week, we discussed the option of converting your outside bike to an inside trainer. I thought I still had the information about the trainer I used 6 years ago, but couldn’t find it so I asked my son who helped me get the right equipment for his recommendations now. Here are links and comments to the trainers that he recommended. There has been a change since the one I had, now you can link them to apps and use your ipad to set up rides etc.

      1)Budget model, able to control resistance. Not smart (won’t connect to ipad apps)

      2) Intermediate. Smart-can connect to apps like trainer road and the resistance changes based on the course you chose for the day. Subscriptions are about $15 a month. (Trainer road or zwift)

      3) High end- smart- you have to take your bike rear wheel off and put the back frame of the bike in here. Have to buy the gear cassette you see here and your bike has to be a newer model 10-12 gears in rear for it to work. Very nice high end but a little fussy to set up for a casual user

      He also mentioned the Peloton at $2500 plus $49/mo for the link to classes, etc.

      I have been looking at the Nordic Track Spin bikes, they are about the same price as the Smart trainer and wouldn’t require moving the bike in and out as needed. They have several options including ones similar to the Peloton.

      I was looking at this one: With the holder for the iPad I should be able to connect and watch Kathy’s video classes. (and check out the seat 🙂)


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      Philip Hutt

      I am now using a recumbent bike borrowed from a Canadian friend until he comes back. Be aware that it is more difficult to get the RPM’s your used to as well as the resistance you could do on a regular spin bike. It’s not ideal but better than nothing. The downloads help but after a couple of months I’d like more variety. Motivation by yourself is also an issue. Can’t wait for classes to start. Anyone need any information in this area let me know.

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      John Haggstrom

      I have a Schwinn Journey 2.0, shich is the equivalent of a newer Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise bike. I has lots of bells and whistles–3-speed fan the blows on your front, speakers to which I can hook up my iphone for music, and more. BUT, the basic resistance is pretty high, and I can get nowhere near the RPMs of the bikes at the Y. I’m going to take the cover off the flywheel and see if I can’t get rid ofl the restance.

      John H.

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