Alternative iPhone / iPad Instructions

Alternative Method for Download to iPhone or iPad if you don’t have IOS 13.*.*

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t allow direct downloading of music to iOS devices like iPhones or iPads prior to IOS 13 .Instead, when you select a file for download your device opens the file on our site and attempts to play it.  If you want your music in your native Music app, what you can do instead is download your music from a computer and then sync to your device using iTunes.

If you are unable to download and transfer the file, there is an alternative to the process which is to install the Firefox browser on your iOS device and use Firefox to download directly to your device. You can download and install Firefox from the Apple app store here.  Note: if you already have this app on your device it will say OPEN instead of GET.

After installing Firefox, click on the icon to open the browser and then login to using Firefox instead of the default Apple Safari browser.  Once you have logged in to our site, go to the File Downloads page and select the download file you are interested in, then long press on the download button to bring up a menu and select “download link.” This brings up a box with the file name and the option to download now or cancel.

Select download now and the file is downloaded to a folder named Firefox/downloads.  You can reach that folder using the Files app that is already installed on your device.  Press on the Files Icon, select browse\ on my ipad\ Firefox\ Downloads and you will see your downloaded files. Double tap on a file to play or view.


Helpful Tips:

  1. After you have reached the srqpedals website in Firefox, click on the three horizontal dots at the end of the address and add the site to your bookmarks (click on the star)  The next time you open Firefox, click on the bookshelf icon on the upper right and use the bookmark to quickly get to the site.
  2. Use a tag in the Files app to easily find the files.  When you get to the screen showing the downloads folder, long press and then select tags from the menu that appears.  Select add a new tag and give a name like cycling files and select a color. Now the next time you open the Files app, the link will show in the Tags section and tapping it will take you right to the folder.


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